Our team spent more then 100 hours coding this program, It wasn't easy but we managed to program our own ModBox!.
I can hear you think: What is an ''ModBox'' ? Well let me explain it for you:
An Modbox is an Program wich we created for the game Black Ops II.
What it does it allow you to Mod your Black Ops II Zombies AND Multiplayer!
So how does it work?

How to use:

(Is the same for Zombies/Online)

- Select the Mods you want!

- Select your Gaming console (PC/PS3/XBOX360)
- Enter your Username/Gamertag
- Enter the wanted prestige (Multiplayer only)
- Click on "Patch"
- Wait till it's done. And then you will have all the things you selected.

It's 100% Noob friendly!

At the bottem of this page you will find an Download link and a Viruscan!
Happy modding!


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